MLCQ book tour – week 1!

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Thanks so much to everyone who wrote about Modern Log Cabin Quilting this week – I’m so appreciative of the support! I was hoping to post more myself this week too, but after the unexpected curveball of my little girl suddenly getting sick and needing Mama, everything else went on hold. But here’s a round-up of the book posts + giveaways so far so you can check any of them out, and enter to win one of the prizes, if you’re interested…

First, Alyssa of Cool Cottons wrote a whole week’s worth of posts on log cabin quilting, including some great ones about the book, like a review of my Block Pocket Apron pattern, and posted some beautiful photographs of antique log cabin quilts too.

Vintage Block Pocket Apron - MLCQ

You can also win one of two signed copies of the book by commenting on any Cool Cottons blog post from 3/21 to 3/31! From the full book review post:

The first thing that we have to say is that the book is beautiful. Exceptional photography, and crisp graphic design deeply enhance the content of the book–and what wonderful content it is. Susan covers everything from the history of log cabin quilting, to the basics of cutting and piecing fabric so that even the greenest beginner can follow along.

For the book release day, I offered up a signed copy of the book with a set of the fat quarters I chose for Bolt! You can comment there through 3/31 to enter.

My fat quarters

On Wednesday, Daniela posted a thoughtful (and hilarious) look at the impromptu quilting bees we teamed up for to sew some of the book projects together, along with her design process for the Northwest Modern Quilt, which unbelievably was the very first quilt she ever made. I loved her kind words:

If you are an experienced quilter, you might get lots of lovely little ideas you want to whip up with some leftovers in your stash. If you are a beginner – she’ll teach you in no time. Just like she taught me.

The Northwest Modern Quilt

Daniela is offering a signed book plus some specially chosen fabric from her collection – all you have to do to enter is upload a photo of some fabric or blocks you’re donating to Quilts for Quake Survivors to our flickr pool by April 1!

Melissa did a sweet mini-interview for the Bolt Neighborhood blog about stashing fabric and quilting heroes – I got to share a few fabric-organizing tips and mention a few quilters whose work really amazes me. Bolt is offering a signed copy of the book if you comment on the post saying who your quilting hero is, too.

Modern Log Cabin Quilting

Melissa was also nice enough to post on All Buttoned Up about the book – she is cutting strips for a Modern Crosses Quilt which I can’t wait to see! From her review there:

I love that the finished projects in this book already feel like heirlooms rich with personal meaning. That’s just how I want to look at putting a quilt together– I want them to be labours of love.

On Friday, Meredith posted a lovely interview with me over at Modern Domestic about how I learned to sew, what inspires me and what I can’t work without (among many other crafty and chatty topics). From her review:

This is a stellar compilation of quilts, projects, history, inspiration, and instruction. Certainly a little something for every quilter or sewist with a desire to explore the timeless art of quilting.

my book event at Modern Domestic

Thanks so much to MD for hosting the very first book event this coming Saturday! I’m also so thrilled that they’re generously offering up my favorite notion, a Sidewinder bobbin winder, with a signed copy of the bookjust comment over there to enter and the winner will be chosen April 2.

And today, Linda wrote a really lovely post about how we met ten years ago, and worked together on many fun projects for JoAnn Crafts + Adorn magazines (those were the days!). I just love Linda’s work and was so happy to include the very first flower I ever crocheted, patiently coached by Linda herself on her Crochet Adorned book tour, as an embellishment on my Drawstring Bag. She also chose a diverse mix of favorite projects to share photos and details about:

Modern Log Cabin Quilting

One of my favorite projects is the cover quilt–where Susan shows us that how to rotate one simple block to create a striking cross design. I would never have guessed that the Northwest Modern Quilt, contributed by Daniela Caine, was made from log cabin blocks, but a crystal-clear layout diagram makes it easy to see just how those simple blocks form this seemingly random design. I also love the textural play of the Red Cross Bag, which employs both sides of corduroy fabric, producing an almost woven effect. This is a project that makes me want to sit at my sewing machine again!

I’m really looking forward to the posts this coming week from local friends and crafters, leading up to my Modern Domestic + Powell’s events. My fellow PMQG member (and quilting hero!) Elizabeth is posting first thing tomorrow, and I’m very excited to get to see the project she made that she’ll be sharing…

The week’s line-up is:
M 3/28 Elizabeth – Oh, Fransson!
T 3/29 Amy – Angry Chicken
W 3/30 Shelly + Karen – Patterns By Figgy’s
Th 3/31 Rachel + Natalie – CRAFT:
F 4/1 – Diane – Craftypod

Thanks to everyone who’s been so warm and supportive of the new book. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!


Last thing – we’ve just added a new and super awesome Quilts for Quake Survivors back-to-back event – a long-arm quilting party! I can’t wait. It will be both April 14 + 15 at Sew On Studio, and all the details are right over here. Hope to see you for some QfQ cutting, piecing, and long-arm mega-quilting – with snacks! All our QfQ events (from this week through early May) are right here on the site if you’re interested in teaming up – we would love that.


the blog book tour!

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Just wanted to announce a few things to celebrate the official book release day – thank you to everyone who’s been in touch to say nice things about the book! I really appreciate it!

my book event at Modern Domestic

First – I’m giving away a fun prize, thanks to Bolt Fabric Boutique: a set of eight fat quarters I picked out to celebrate the book release! I’m pairing the fabrics with a signed copy of the book. To enter, just leave a comment on this West Coast Crafty post by midnight Pacific time Thursday, March 31, letting me know your favorite thing about Log Cabin quilting. I’ll draw a winner on Friday, April 1! [Note: Sorry if this was confusing, I’ve emailed everyone who’s commented here – please leave a comment over there to enter. Thanks so much for the lovely comments on log cabin!]

My fat quarters

And here’s the list of everyone on the blog tour, which started up yesterday with two lovely posts from Cool Cottons, a giveaway and review – thank you so much to the wonderful crafters and quilters who are writing about the book. I am so appreciative of the support!!

M 3/21 Alyssa + Marie – Cool Cottons (plus a series of posts all week on log cabin!)
T 3/22 Book release day – me!
W 3/23 Daniela – Tangerine Samurai (who designed two projects for the book!)
Th 3/24 Melissa – All Buttoned Up and Bolt
F 3/25 Lupine + Meredith – Modern Domestic

S 3/27 Linda – Lindamade
M 3/28 Elizabeth – Oh, Fransson!
T 3/29 Amy – Angry Chicken
W 3/30 Shelly + Karen – Patterns By Figgy’s
Th 3/31 Rachel + Natalie – CRAFT:
F 4/1 – Diane – Craftypod

S 4/2 + S 4/3 Modern Log Cabin Quilting event weekend – would love to see you at Modern Domestic or Powell’s!!

M 4/4 Megan – Not Martha
T 4/5 Kayte – This is Love Forever
W 4/6 Amy – Amy a la Mode
Th 4/7 Alissa – Handmade By Alissa
F 4/8 Kathy – Crafty Chica

M 4/11 Kim – True Up
T 4/12 Vickie – Vickie Howell
W 4/13 Claire – ReadyMade
Th 4/14 Jenny – Exit Through the Thrift Shop
4/15 Blair – Wise Craft

Portland Modern Quilt Guild rock block!
4/18 – Christina – A Few Scraps
4/19 – Christina – Sometimes Crafter
4/20 – Megan – Megs Monkeybeans
4/21 – Jen – Betty Crocker Ass
Also 4/21 – my Log Cabin presentation at the PMQG meeting!

Thank you so much to Mims and Peggy at the Oregonian, Vivian at Oregon Home Magazine, and Kay of Mason-Dixon Knitting for your lovely book reviews, too.

Mitered Crosses Blanket

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It’s book release day! I just added all my new content to my resources and corrections pages, and was adding reviews and writing up my blog tour…


… when my friend Jen emailed me that Kay Gardiner of Mason-Dixon Knitting had posted an amazing update. Kay not only wrote a lovely review of the book…

Beginner quilters sometimes ask me to recommend a starter book, and this is the book I am going to recommend from now on. The basic quilting instructions at the beginning of the book are clear. Everything you need is covered, with great tips.

The designs are fresh and beautiful. The author’s taste is wonderful. This is the first album/scrapbook type quilt I’ve seen, that I would want to make. And of course, for me, this is a knitting book. I am in love with the “crosses” quilt on the cover; the construction of a knitted version sprang into my head immediately and won’t let me go.

Modern Crosses Quilt


but she designed and knitted an exquisite Mitered Crosses blanket version of the Modern Crosses quilt, and posted the pattern on Ravelry to benefit Mercy Corps’ earthquake relief efforts in Japan! As of March 22, just a few days in, she’s donated $2,250 from the sale of the pattern! I am amazed and grateful at this wonderful fundraiser celebrating my favorite pieced quilt’s lovely knitted cousin. Thank you to Kay doesn’t even come close to covering it. I’m in tears.

You can snap up a copy of this lovely pattern over at Ravelry!

Quilts for Quake Survivors

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My friend and collaborator Daniela Caine and I are working on a new project this week – Quilts for Quake Survivors. We are collecting fabric and materials to make log cabin quilts which we’ll send to those in need in Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami.


This idea is just a few days old and still coming together, but I’ve made a simple blog to start with and Daniela has created a stunning design for the project (which you can find in different sizes in our flickr pool if you want to repost it). We’re meeting with some local allies to start planning our quilting bees this week and hoping to have lots more to share after that!

We would love for you to join us if you are also hoping to lend handmade and heartfelt support in the wake of this terrible crisis. Our idea is to set up a simple template that anyone can use in their own area to organize local donations and host quilting and sewing bees to make beautiful gifts for those who need them most – which can be delivered to survivors in need over the next few months as a sign of friendship and hope.

A snippet from our blog:

We have all seen the pictures of the devastating conditions after the Quake and the terrible aftermath. A lot of the survivors have lost their homes, their livelihood and loved ones.

The Japanese have given us so much inspiration with their wonderful aesthetics and incredible talent for creating beautiful handmade items. We for sure have been tremendously inspired by Japanese culture in our private and professional lives and were both lucky enough to have traveled to Japan several times and it was always the most refreshing experience.

Why Quilts you ask? Because quilts stand for love, warmth, and comfort. Log Cabin quilting is probably the easiest quilting method, extremely economical and yields beautiful results. It also symbolizes the heart of the home – the center square represents the lamplight or fire in the hearth, surrounded by the “logs” or walls of the log cabin. We’d like to share this feeling of friendship, home and warmth with those who need it most.

Please check the blog for more updates in the next few days – we’d love your help quilting or spreading the word if you’re up for it.

In gratitude for all that we have,
Daniela + Susan

two weeks to go!

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Today is two weeks until the book comes out on March 22, so I thought I’d share a few quilt-related updates today in honor of that mini-milestone! First, my publisher, Potter Craft, invited me to write a guest post for this month’s issue of CrafterNews, which came out today.

CrafterNews guest post

I got to write about my favorite pattern

I love log cabin quilts, from the gorgeous antiques hanging in museums to vintage finds discovered at flea markets, to the modern quilts I have made for my family and home. Log cabin quilting is such an intuitive and inviting way to quilt (artfully piecing strips of fabric around a center square to create a simple but very meaningful finished project), and it is as fresh now as when the method was pioneered nearly two hundred years ago.

…and how inspiring the lovely Portland Modern Quilt Guild and other wonderful online and in-person craft swaps and quilting bees have been in my creative life. You can see a few quilt and patchwork photos from the book (including my favorite, Bright Furrows, which I made for my son Everett!),

Bright Furrows Quilt

and it also links up to the book flickr pool (please join if you’d like to!). Thank you so much to Potter Craft for the chance to write this post – it was a lot of fun!

I’ve been adding lots more content over here (with more to come on publication day, March 22) – especially my book events page. Please check it out if you’re interested in coming by any of the events in Portland, the Bay Area, and Sisters (!) and I’d love to say hi and stitch up a log cabin block with you. The first event is Saturday, April 2 at the lovely Modern Domestic here in town.

my book event at Modern Domestic

We’ll be piecing quilt blocks with a little kit I’m making up from my fabric stash, checking out book projects, and having treats from 5 to 6 pm, and then there’s an open sewing night from 6 to 9 that I’m totally looking forward to, too. (I got to sew on a Bernina 440QE there last night during our teacher training and it’s just a lovely machine – I’m bringing some projects to work on for sure!). The very next day (Sunday, April 3rd) is my Powell’s event at 4 pm – I think it will be a super fun weekend!

The rest of my events and classes are listed right here, and I’ll be adding more over the next few weeks.

quilts I love on Pinterest

Last – I just got my Pinterest invite and it’s been super fun to play around with! I’ve only made one board so far (quilts I love) but as soon as I have more free time to play with crafty photos, I have a bunch more in mind. Let’s be friends over there if you want to!

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