saturday afternoon party!

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I mentioned the book party last week, but wanted to share some new peeks at the cool things we’re planning for the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store this Saturday afternoon – I would love to see you over there! The reception is for both Modern Log Cabin Quilting and World of Geekcraft, which I’m really excited about. It’s been fun making up some special craft kits for both books! I’m teaching a new Woolen Cross Pillow class from 12-2 ($45), and then from 2-4 you can stop the (free!) party to sew MLCQ-style quilt blocks in their gorgeous wool fabrics

wool quilt kits for the book party!

that look like this,

Pendleton block kit

make comics magnets from WOGC,


and have snacks and lemonade. I was planning to make cupcakes (my favorite book party treat) but changed my mind – now it will be cheesecake brownies, which seem a little more summery! I love those too.

(so picture brownies here instead…)

Susan's book signing event at MD

You can also work on your own crafts, check out lots of projects from both books, and find all kinds of good treasures in the by-the-pound bins and on the tables there. I snapped up all the wool squares to make this patchwork throw from one of those bins, and it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever made.

Pendleton patchwork

Pendleton has also graciously put together a tote bag of prizes for someone at the party to win! My MLCQ publisher, Potter Craft, sent me this handy canvas satchel for the gift bag. I put copies of both my books and both of the craft kits into it, and handed it over to Pendleton to see what they might want to contribute. So far they’ve added a bunch of colorful carded wool, a spindle, fat quarters of lots of different plaid wool fabrics, buttons and zippers, and it sounds like there’s more on the way!

tote bag of prizes for the book party!

Also – Aimee of the Woolen Mill Store was nice enough to do a little interview with me about my new craft room, my favorite designers and artists, and how NOT to baste a quilt. Thank you, Aimee!

Book Party!
Saturday, August 20 from 2-4 pm
Pendleton Woolen Mill Store, 8500 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Portland

A few other quilting things…

-I’m working on a post for Quilts for Quake Survivors on our lovely party last weekend (HUGE thank-you to everyone who came to sew with us) and our next steps and final donations. I’ll post a link here when that’s up (we’ll see how long Everett naps) but here’s just one photo for now… Teresa‘s amazing 1954 Pfaff!

Teresa's 1954 Pfaff

-And see you at the Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting tonight?? They’re also hosting a fabulous all-day sew at Fabric Depot on Saturday. I highly recommend sewing over there, zipping over to the book party mid-afternoon for a quick wool-quilt-block and treat break, and heading back to sew some more. Sounds like the perfect day to me!


prizes and parties

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Prizes and parties (and quilting) = three things I’m super excited about, coming right up.

First, Alissa’s amazing fabric fundraiser for Action Kivu has just a couple days left to go (it closes Sunday the 14th). They are hoping to raise $15,000 and are at the halfway point now. Awesome!

Action Kivu is a nonprofit that helps women who are victims of the conflict in Eastern Congo by teaching them to sew. The conflict in Congo has taken the lives of over 5.4 million people since 1998. Rape is used as a weapon of war, with estimates putting the number of rapes in the hundreds of thousands. This is truly difficult stuff to think about but together we can really make a difference for some specific women who need our help.

By donating specific amounts, from $10-100, you automatically enter to win some amazing prizes at each level, like a set of 43 fat eighths of Flea Market Fancy, donated by Jacquie and Ashley ($75), and a set of Sugar Creek fabrics (not even in stores yet!) from Denyse Schmidt Quilts ($40).

Modern Log Cabin Quilting + Block Party = Action Kivu fundraiser!

As of this morning I am so happy to announce that if you donate $20, you can win a set of books – a signed copy of Modern Log Cabin Quilting paired with Alissa’s Block Party!! The fundraiser ends Sunday (8/14) so please jump in when you can. This is such an important cause and I am thankful to be supporting it (I have my fingers crossed for the Flea Market Fancy category). Lots more info on Action Kivu here, and Alissa’s post and prize descriptions here.

Speaking of good causes, Daniela and I are winding down the Quilts for Quake Survivors project for Mercy Corps’ work in Japan with our party on Sunday! We’d love to see past and present supporters (you are so welcome to come sew with us for a bit from 4-6, then hang out and have food, drinks and music from 6-8). Thank you to everyone who has been part of this project.

I’ll be grocery shopping with Alexandra this afternoon – she has generously offered to make some lovely food especially for the QfQ party, so we’re picking out some good things. I can’t wait!

Last, there’s another crafty party next weekend! I’m teaching my Woolen Cross Pillow class at the Woolen Mill Store on Saturday, August 20, from 12-2. It’s $45 and you get all the materials to make one of these cross pillows, plus lots of extra wool to bring home for your second one!

Woolen cross pillows - back + front

After the class, the Woolen Mill Store is hosting a Modern Log Cabin Quilting reception and book signing from 2-4 (free!). Each person will get a special Pendleton wool kit to make a log cabin block, and there will be refreshments and other surprises (like felt comics magnets kits!) for crafters too. I’ll have all the projects I’ve made with Pendleton wool there (including the Winter Woolens Quilt from MLCQ) to show, and some of my favorite book projects, too. I would love to see you there.

Susan's book signing event at MD

Woolen Cross Pillow class, 12-2
MLCQ reception, 2-4
The Woolen Mill Store, 8500 SE McLoughlin Blvd. Portland, Oregon 97222

So, prizes, parties and quilting… I hope one of these strikes your fancy too, and that I’ll see you at the parties!

Quilts for Quake Survivors – shipment to Japan!

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Daniela and I have gathered 27 quilts (and counting!) to ship to Japan for Quilts for Quake Survivors via Seven Winds’ drive for comfort quilts partnering with Patchwork Tsushin. She just took these lovely photos (the batch below is from the last two hours) and it’s a marvel to see them all!

Quilts for Quake Survivors - Japan Shipment 2

They will go out tomorrow afternoon, and Dani and I each have one or two left that we’re hoping to bind in time to add to the boxes – maybe we’ll get to 30 by the UPS deadline. HUGE thank-you to everyone who has donated fabric, pieced blocks, sashed blocks, made backs, tied, quilted, or bound one or many of these beautiful pieces!!!

Quilts for Quake Survivors - Japan Shipment all quilts!

Special thank-yous to Modern Domestic, Cool Cottons, Rachel and Cherri, the wonderful members of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild, and all our supporters and quilters near and far. We love you!

The next wave of QfQ quilts will go into our Etsy shop – 100% of the price of each quilt will go straight to Mercy Corps/Peace Winds Japan. Details coming soon!

the book parties!

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Thanks so much to everyone who came to Modern Domestic on Saturday or to Powell’s on Sunday (and especially to my husband Andrew, who came to both with the two kids and was a total rock star as always). The Modern Log Cabin Quilting parties were so lovely and everyone who came out to say hi was so cool. I wanted to write up a quick recap with some photos… thank you to Daniela for sharing hers from MD, and Patrick and Diane (for snapping some with my phone) at Powell’s.

my book event at Modern Domestic

The Modern Domestic party was just awesome. Beautiful light at the end of the day in that lovely space, seeing lots of PMQG friends and meeting some new Portland sewers and quilters, having cupcakes and wine, and signing books and giving away log cabin block kits… what’s not to like?

Susan's book signing event at MD

cupcakes and Patchwork Cellars Pinot Noir

Just a quick note on the wine… yes, that IS a log cabin block on the label – !!! I originally saw a Pinot Gris by Patchwork Cellars on the shelf at New Seasons (that one has a double wedding ring design on the label) about a month ago, and got really excited to serve it at Modern Domestic. When I was planning nice party things, I went to their site and was awestruck to see that their Pinot Noir had an antique log cabin block in the Sunshine and Shadow style, with the red center (love). Oh, I just couldn’t believe it.

Susan's book signing event at MD

I called to find out which local stores carried both wines, and Brian was so warm and helpful and personally made sure I could successfully track down three precious bottles of each one by Saturday – truly the kind of friendliness that makes Oregon a very special place to live (and throw a party). I really can’t recommend their lovely wine highly enough… here’s where you can find it for your next craft night or cocktail hour!


After the book signing, we gave away prizes, and then everyone settled in to a super fun open sewing night upstairs and downstairs.

Susan's book signing event at MD

Nice chill sewing night after the book party at MD

It was really great to see what everyone was making! Daniela, Monica, Marcia and I were all piecing blocks for QfQ, Christina was making a very nice intricately pieced block for a bee,

Christina sewing at MD after the book party

Jill was cutting for a new quilt, Jen was making a Modern Crosses (yay! more on that next week!), Bethe was cutting for a Vintage Linens-inspired tonal quilt, Gillian was cutting for a Single Girl Quilt (on my dream list so it was really great to see it in action), and Deb was making her daughter a beyond adorable Oliver + S ensemble – which I had the bonus treat of seeing modeled in person at Little T the next morning when we bumped into each other in the coffee line!

Me at Powell's with the projects on display!

Getting ready for Powell’s was really exciting and also a little overwhelming. With two children under three, three boxes of lovely snacks, and three huge bags of quilts and patchwork projects in tow, we descended on the Pearl Room just in time to set everything up! Huge thank-yous to Diane and Jamin for helping me, Kevin, and Christopher from Powell’s get everything organized so nicely.

Susan's Book Signing

We had such a nice crowd, including five of Pearl’s closest buddies and their parents, and Christopher (who is making his first quilt – a crazy quilt!) gave me a really awesome introduction. I chatted about a few of the projects, my design process for a few favorites, how much I treasured the crucial help that some dear friends gave me this week when Pearl was sick, and then read my short history of log cabin quilting. I took a few questions about quilting and log cabin, and then everyone enjoyed delicious log cabin- and quilt-themed treats made by Kathy.

This was also an only-in-Oregon miracle! I’d met Kathy once about a year ago, and she’s good friends with my dear Diane. She’d emailed Diane saying how much she’d like to make some fun petit fours for a party if she had any suggestions for something coming up, and Diane connected her with me for what turned out to be a magical collaboration.

Lovely treats for the Powell's party

Kathy made us lovely apple tarts, fat quarter chocolate tarts, lovely macarons, and even log cabin block-inspired lemon bars (with, of course, the beloved red center representing the heart of the home). Awesome.

Lovely treats for the Powell's party

You can find her at her blog or right here if you’re interested in a pastry collaboration extraordinaire, too!

Kathy's adorable cards

Then I signed books and got to chat with people, which was really fun. Everyone was so great, from old friends to people I’d never met before that afternoon. It really felt like a party all of the sudden!

Me and Caitlin at Powell's!

Signing a book for Liz

Anyone waiting to get their book signed got to hang out by the long tables of projects and check them out along the way (with treats in hand). It was really fun to hear which quilts and bags and projects people were the most drawn to, or curious about… thanks to everyone who had nice compliments to share!

People checking out quilts + projects

People checking out quilts + projects

And yes, that is Michelle of PMQG (yay) wearing a hand-sewn log cabin pendant!

Michelle at Powell's wearing a log cabin block necklace!

One last thing – speaking of Portland Modern Quilt Guild, I am super thrilled that my Anniversary Quilt from the book will be part of the Modern Quilt Show at PNCA that opens this Thursday!

Anniversary Quilt

It’s in gallery room 214 at PNCA, come by between 5:30 and 7:30 for drinks, snacks and quilts this Thursday, April 7… would love to see you!

Anniversary Quilt detail block

MLCQ book tour – week 1!

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Thanks so much to everyone who wrote about Modern Log Cabin Quilting this week – I’m so appreciative of the support! I was hoping to post more myself this week too, but after the unexpected curveball of my little girl suddenly getting sick and needing Mama, everything else went on hold. But here’s a round-up of the book posts + giveaways so far so you can check any of them out, and enter to win one of the prizes, if you’re interested…

First, Alyssa of Cool Cottons wrote a whole week’s worth of posts on log cabin quilting, including some great ones about the book, like a review of my Block Pocket Apron pattern, and posted some beautiful photographs of antique log cabin quilts too.

Vintage Block Pocket Apron - MLCQ

You can also win one of two signed copies of the book by commenting on any Cool Cottons blog post from 3/21 to 3/31! From the full book review post:

The first thing that we have to say is that the book is beautiful. Exceptional photography, and crisp graphic design deeply enhance the content of the book–and what wonderful content it is. Susan covers everything from the history of log cabin quilting, to the basics of cutting and piecing fabric so that even the greenest beginner can follow along.

For the book release day, I offered up a signed copy of the book with a set of the fat quarters I chose for Bolt! You can comment there through 3/31 to enter.

My fat quarters

On Wednesday, Daniela posted a thoughtful (and hilarious) look at the impromptu quilting bees we teamed up for to sew some of the book projects together, along with her design process for the Northwest Modern Quilt, which unbelievably was the very first quilt she ever made. I loved her kind words:

If you are an experienced quilter, you might get lots of lovely little ideas you want to whip up with some leftovers in your stash. If you are a beginner – she’ll teach you in no time. Just like she taught me.

The Northwest Modern Quilt

Daniela is offering a signed book plus some specially chosen fabric from her collection – all you have to do to enter is upload a photo of some fabric or blocks you’re donating to Quilts for Quake Survivors to our flickr pool by April 1!

Melissa did a sweet mini-interview for the Bolt Neighborhood blog about stashing fabric and quilting heroes – I got to share a few fabric-organizing tips and mention a few quilters whose work really amazes me. Bolt is offering a signed copy of the book if you comment on the post saying who your quilting hero is, too.

Modern Log Cabin Quilting

Melissa was also nice enough to post on All Buttoned Up about the book – she is cutting strips for a Modern Crosses Quilt which I can’t wait to see! From her review there:

I love that the finished projects in this book already feel like heirlooms rich with personal meaning. That’s just how I want to look at putting a quilt together– I want them to be labours of love.

On Friday, Meredith posted a lovely interview with me over at Modern Domestic about how I learned to sew, what inspires me and what I can’t work without (among many other crafty and chatty topics). From her review:

This is a stellar compilation of quilts, projects, history, inspiration, and instruction. Certainly a little something for every quilter or sewist with a desire to explore the timeless art of quilting.

my book event at Modern Domestic

Thanks so much to MD for hosting the very first book event this coming Saturday! I’m also so thrilled that they’re generously offering up my favorite notion, a Sidewinder bobbin winder, with a signed copy of the bookjust comment over there to enter and the winner will be chosen April 2.

And today, Linda wrote a really lovely post about how we met ten years ago, and worked together on many fun projects for JoAnn Crafts + Adorn magazines (those were the days!). I just love Linda’s work and was so happy to include the very first flower I ever crocheted, patiently coached by Linda herself on her Crochet Adorned book tour, as an embellishment on my Drawstring Bag. She also chose a diverse mix of favorite projects to share photos and details about:

Modern Log Cabin Quilting

One of my favorite projects is the cover quilt–where Susan shows us that how to rotate one simple block to create a striking cross design. I would never have guessed that the Northwest Modern Quilt, contributed by Daniela Caine, was made from log cabin blocks, but a crystal-clear layout diagram makes it easy to see just how those simple blocks form this seemingly random design. I also love the textural play of the Red Cross Bag, which employs both sides of corduroy fabric, producing an almost woven effect. This is a project that makes me want to sit at my sewing machine again!

I’m really looking forward to the posts this coming week from local friends and crafters, leading up to my Modern Domestic + Powell’s events. My fellow PMQG member (and quilting hero!) Elizabeth is posting first thing tomorrow, and I’m very excited to get to see the project she made that she’ll be sharing…

The week’s line-up is:
M 3/28 Elizabeth – Oh, Fransson!
T 3/29 Amy – Angry Chicken
W 3/30 Shelly + Karen – Patterns By Figgy’s
Th 3/31 Rachel + Natalie – CRAFT:
F 4/1 – Diane – Craftypod

Thanks to everyone who’s been so warm and supportive of the new book. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!


Last thing – we’ve just added a new and super awesome Quilts for Quake Survivors back-to-back event – a long-arm quilting party! I can’t wait. It will be both April 14 + 15 at Sew On Studio, and all the details are right over here. Hope to see you for some QfQ cutting, piecing, and long-arm mega-quilting – with snacks! All our QfQ events (from this week through early May) are right here on the site if you’re interested in teaming up – we would love that.

Quilts for Quake Survivors

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My friend and collaborator Daniela Caine and I are working on a new project this week – Quilts for Quake Survivors. We are collecting fabric and materials to make log cabin quilts which we’ll send to those in need in Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami.


This idea is just a few days old and still coming together, but I’ve made a simple blog to start with and Daniela has created a stunning design for the project (which you can find in different sizes in our flickr pool if you want to repost it). We’re meeting with some local allies to start planning our quilting bees this week and hoping to have lots more to share after that!

We would love for you to join us if you are also hoping to lend handmade and heartfelt support in the wake of this terrible crisis. Our idea is to set up a simple template that anyone can use in their own area to organize local donations and host quilting and sewing bees to make beautiful gifts for those who need them most – which can be delivered to survivors in need over the next few months as a sign of friendship and hope.

A snippet from our blog:

We have all seen the pictures of the devastating conditions after the Quake and the terrible aftermath. A lot of the survivors have lost their homes, their livelihood and loved ones.

The Japanese have given us so much inspiration with their wonderful aesthetics and incredible talent for creating beautiful handmade items. We for sure have been tremendously inspired by Japanese culture in our private and professional lives and were both lucky enough to have traveled to Japan several times and it was always the most refreshing experience.

Why Quilts you ask? Because quilts stand for love, warmth, and comfort. Log Cabin quilting is probably the easiest quilting method, extremely economical and yields beautiful results. It also symbolizes the heart of the home – the center square represents the lamplight or fire in the hearth, surrounded by the “logs” or walls of the log cabin. We’d like to share this feeling of friendship, home and warmth with those who need it most.

Please check the blog for more updates in the next few days – we’d love your help quilting or spreading the word if you’re up for it.

In gratitude for all that we have,
Daniela + Susan

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